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Mayo Test Results April 30, 2017

by on Apr.30, 2017, under Amyloidosis

I returned from Mayo Wednesday evening after 3 days of treatment and tests.  The most troublesome of the results was my heart.  I was in atrial flutter most of the week which got me a lot of attention from the medical team.  While their hope is they can still control the heart issues with medication or another possible ablation, the bottom line is the disease is negatively impacting my heart.  To what degree, only time will tell.

The other results were positive.  No lung, kidney, liver, or other damage.  A known side-effect of the treatment is vitamin A depletion, so my dosage was increased to 10,000 iu for the time being.

I had so many plans for this point in my life.  Some days I get so frustrated that my life is no where near my plans.  That’s a tough thing for a Type A personality.  In my devotional book by Tony Dungy, Uncommon Life Daily Challenges was this was the daily devotion on my return:

I Cor. 1:25, 27 25 For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.  27 But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong; ESV

While it is almost impossible for me not to make plans, I have to trust God’s plan is far more superior.  In the meantime I’ll keep planning and adapting to the path God puts me on.


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  • Danny west

    Hi Mark,
    I was talking about you Wednesday night in my class at Church. Just one of the many things you taught me while we were on the board together. Then Friday night, I was with Cupp, Beasley, Paul Wallis, Greg Hogue and Tom Stickel on a rained out fishing trip in Mammoth Spring and we talked about you and your sickness again. I just want you to know that I know you must feel that nothing in your life is how you planned it. I think we all feel that way at least to varying degrees. However, you have impacted so many people in a very unique, positive, only-Mark-Watson-kind-of-way. The same is true of Stanley Johnson, and so many other great people whose lives intersected at a little tiny Christian school in Paragould, Arkansas. We love you. We hurt for you, and your family, and we continue to pray for you, and you continue to teach us and show us and help us count our blessings in that only-Mark-Watson-kind-of-way. I love you Brother.

    We are all walking towards our own exit to this life at different paces. I was once on a climb on Mt. Rainier, our guide was a huge guy, 6’9″,with size 16 feet and a huge stride. It was white out blizzard conditions, poor visibility, and climbing vertically on a rope team in two feet of fresh snow. I’m struggling to even breath, much less climb. This Titan in front of me is kicking steps in the deep snow for his diminutive, flat lander, sea-level breathing clients. His steps are huge. They make giant mesas of packed snow that makes the ascent easier, even if the steps are far apart. I struggle with each step, it’s like running bleachers two at a time while carrying 60 lbs of Dumbbells breathing through a tube, but I know that the ascent would be impossible without the tracks that he lays as we climb into the unknown.

    You, Mark, are kicking steps for the rest of us. You are laying down large footprints that we must all follow sooner or later. From my position on the rope team, I don’t see what you see. All I can see is your back, and those wonderful giant footprints of the man who is blazing the trail for me. Someday I will be kicking steps. I’m kicking them now as a matter of fact, but the weather hasn’t turned yet, so it’s not so noticeable. There will be a time when the clouds will gather, the snow will pile up, and the route will seem impassable. However, I know the route can be climbed, I know a few people that have done it. We are all roped together, God is the anchorman. I am honored and proud to be on your rope team. Kick deep steps Brother.
    Danny West

    • johnmarkwatson

      Danny – I will cherish those comments forever my friend. I appreciate you see something that I would never see on my on. That gives me the inspiration to keep on keeping on! Love you!

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