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June 5, 2017 Treatment

by on Jun.07, 2017, under Amyloidosis

Monday’s treatment was uneventful.  That’s the good news.  We arrived at Mayo on Sunday evening only to realize that I had left my medicine at home.  I told the PA first thing when I arrived for my appointment that all was well except my memory!  She told me I wasn’t the first one to forget something like that and probably wouldn’t be the last.  She promptly called the pharmacy and had me taken care of in time for chemo.

The heart has been pretty stable the last couple of weeks with very little flutter or afib.  I go back to the cardiologist on June 12th to see if more work is needed.  I’m hoping this either clears up on its own or he can do another ablation.  Either way, I would like for it to be beating correctly.  The days I have the flutter are exhausting.

Next treatment is June 26th.  Please pray that the next 21 days continue to go well!


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  • Bernal Corrales

    Hi Mark. My family is Praying for you. 👍👍

  • Barbara Hyde

    Prayers continue that the next 3 weeks will be calm and
    uneventful. Prayers for you, Stacy and your sons for strength and an upward look.
    Love ya all,
    Barbara Hyde

  • Judy Lambert

    I think most of us do not let you know that lots of people in your home town are keeping up with and appreciate your updates. We love you and all the Watson family and many prayers have been offered in your behalf. Sending love and prayers for the next 21 days!! Judy Lambert

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