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April 24th Treatment and Tests

by on Apr.22, 2017, under Amyloidosis

I will spend three days at Mayo Clinic, Monday – Wednesday. This is my six month follow-up for a potential liver transplant. I’m already at the top of the recipient list but am in a “hold” status. Since I have been doing so well, we have elected to forgo a transplant for now. It is unlikely I will ever agree to a transplant given the success rate for my particular genetic mutation. Typically it only gives the recipient another seven years of living and not a good seven years. So if it comes to that, I will probably just live out whatever days are left.

Besides treatment the next three days, they will do tests to verify if there is any other organ involvement or damage. Test include, kidneys, lungs, and heart. Amyloidosis, left untreated, typically causes extensive damage to major organs by creating “sludge” and making them inoperable. So far in my case it has been minimal. I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for my treatment and results.


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  • Barbara Hyde

    My dear Mark,
    I appreciate deeply your willingness to share your struggles with others both to keep those who love you informed and to strengthen others who are fighting similar health battles. Your candor and courage are a model for us all. Know that you, Stacy and your family are being lifted up to God in prayer by legions. Love
    you much, your “old teacher” and friend.
    Barbara Hyde

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